Tanzliste ohne Gruppentraining

Tanztitel Video Tanzbeschreibung
neu im Programm:
Jesse James Video - Video 2 - Video 2 Paper
Caribbeans Plans Video Paper
Strong Bounds Video - Video 2 - Video 2 Paper
Old Beach Roller Coaster Video
Classic Video
Day one..one day Video
Dancing Through The Rain Video
Fire & Lace Video
Waiting On Your Love Video
Vinothek Cha Video - Video 2
Second Hand Heart Video - Video 2 - Video 3 Paper
Love you Cha Video Paper
Green Green Grass Video
I Run To You Video - Video2 T 2:40 - Video 3 Paper
- -
A Stupid Rumba Video - Video 2 - V3 Paper
Baby Belle Video
Backroad Nation Video - Video 2 Paper
Be Bob Video Paper
Because of u Video- Video2
Best of us Video- Paper
Blessed Video-Video2-Video3 Paper
Bombshell Party Stomp Video
Boot Scooting Boogie Video- Video2 3.30
Breaking up # Video - Video 2
Broken Video Paper
Cold Heart Video Paper
Corn Video Paper
Cowboy Charleston Video
Crazy Song Video Paper
Dancing in the Dark Video- Video2 Paper
Done Video - Video 2
Don’t shut me down Video Teach 4:00 5:10 Counts
Drinking Problem Video
Enchantment Video - Video Paper
Find A Way Video - Video 2 Paper
Fisher’s Hornpipe Video Paper
Fishing in the dark Video Paper
Going Going Gone Video
Good Day To Run Video Paper
Happy Anywhere Video - Video2 - Video 3 Paper
Have You Ever Seen The Rain Video Paper
Here We Go Video-Video 2 - Video3 Paper
Hey Rose Video- Video2
Ice Cold Corona Video
I Got This Too Video Paper
I Got You Video Paper
I’m already gone Video Paper
I’m bored Video- Video 2
I’m on my way Video - Video 2 Paper
In The Dark Video Paper
Into The Dark Night Video
Irish Rock Video [Paper]im Video
I’ve seen it all Video
I Used My Witchcraft Video - Video L Paper
Kacey’s Moon Video Video2 Paper()
Keep The Dream Alive Video
Knee Deep Video Paper
Like A Rose Video- Video2 Paper
Lord Help Me Video
Love Ain’t Video Paper
Love you Cha Video
Lucky me # Video - Video 2
Mambo up Video Paper
More Time More Life Video
Move A Little In The Right Direction Video
Move in the right Direction Video
Overpass Graffity Video
Peace Video - Video Paper
Peligrosa Video
People are Crazy Video
Peppermint Twist Video- Video 2 Paper
Pontoon Video - Video2 Paper
Quarter After One Video - Video L Paper
Red Hot Salsa Video - Video2 Paper
Remember these Words Video
Roots Video
Reunited Video
Sangria Sun Video
Saturday night VideoT- Video
Save me tonight Video Paper
Save Your Tears Video - Video2 Paper
Shanias Moment Video1
She Comes To Me Video - Video 2 Paper
Sheriff on fire Video1
Silver Lining Video1
Some Kind of Wonderful Video Paper
Something Real Video
Something Stupid Rumba Video
Soul Shake Video Paper
Starlights Video
Sweet Hurt Video Sweet Sweet Erica
Sweet Ireland Video
Sweet Release Video
Telepathy Video1 - Video 2 Paper
Ten Tonne Truck Video Paper
Thangs Video
The Boat to Liverpool Video - Video
The Bull Video Paper
Thelma & Louise Video - Video2
The Newfie Stomp Video - Video 2 Paper
This Pretty Face # Video - Video 2
Through Your Eyes Video Paper
Til You Can’t Video
Train Wreck Video Paper
Together Is All About Video
Toot Toot Video
Turning Tables Video - VideoT Paper
Waves of Love Video
What a man gotta do Video
Where! Video- Video 2 Paper
Wintergreen Video- Video 2 Paper
White Lies # Video -Video 2 Paper
Woman Amen Video Paper
Yes M’am, No M’am Video Paper
You Had Me at Drink # Video
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Saale Engels Halle 27.03.2021
Mucara Walk Video
C.C.S. Video Video2
Feeling Kinda Lonely Video
Starter Step Video
Kick It VideoTeach ab 2:20
Quarter After One Video - Video Paper
Saale Engels Halle 27.03.2021
Askin’ Questions Video
Be Strong Video- Video2 - V3
Bread & Butter Video- Video2
Kissed a Cowboy Video
Land Of Dreams Video - Video2
Midnight Waltz Video- Video2 - V3
Juni - Aug 2021:
My Bestie* Video - Video2 Paper
Overpass Graffiti Video -VideoT Paper
What Happens Next* Video
Back In Love By Monday*- Video2 Paper
Uhlen-Linedancer und Lüßliner


Tanztitel Video Tanzbeschreibung
Disappearing Tail lights Video
Wanna Getcha Video2
Butterflies V3
Love Lock * Video-
I’m bored Video
Day of The Dead Video2
Chasing Down Video3
Aberdeen Video
Blanket to the ground Video
Fireflies Video
Wrong direction Video
Desirable Video
Old and grey Video
Mamas Pearls Video
Sweet Sweet Smile Video
Like We Were Video
Playboys Video
Codigo Video
Best of us Video
Madison Old Video1
Gone West Video
Amame Video
Island in the stream Video
Kacey’s Moon Video Video2
Bonapartes Video
Damn Drunk Video2
Roots Video
Shanias Moment Video1
Peters Haus Video3
Bad Habbits Video Paper
Beautiful Madness Video Video23
Other Side of The Hill Video